A Lightbulb


I pray that I accurately convey this message correctly as it was given to me by God. So what is a light bulb? A light bulb is an object that is meant to hold a source of light, overcoming darkness in a place in which it is to be used at. A light bulb is a case that contains light that illuminates from the inside, but the bulb itself is not the light. Yet for a bulb to even work it has to be plugged into a source, for light cannot shine without the source which gives it power.incandescentbulb
We as humans are meant to be God’s light bulb. He wants to live in our hearts and minds and he wants our bodies to be his temple, or case in which the light of His love, power, and might can shine brightly within us. He is the source, in which if we stay plugged in to his ways then His power will shine so brightly through us that all darkness will be overcome. Yet he is still not the light, He is much greater. He is the source of power for the light.
Psalm 104:2 says , “Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain:” and in the story of the burning bush God’s presence rested on the bush so powerfully that the bush caught fire…..yet did not burn. The fire was not God’s presence, His presence was wrapped in the fire. We need to be plugged into the source, where the power originates to understand God as “The Light of the World”. See, God is exactly the opposite of us in this way. We as light bulbs are inferior, but God, as the source of the power in which darkness is overcome is superior.

logo-lightningPower does not need a light bulb plugged into it to give off light, but a light bulb cannot shine without power. We, being light bulbs, are a case for the light that shine from within, but God, The King of everything that has ever been and will ever be, is so mighty in power in all of his ways that He just radiates with light! See, power gives off light, light cannot give off power. When we truly understand this, than we can truly sing “He wraps Himself in light, and darkness tries to hide” and “how Great is our God!”

WHY? (We need to check ourselves)

Why are we so busy judging one another? We as Christians? Really, Christians? Can we really call ourselves God’s people when we fight against others who bear the same banner but we hate on them because they are different than us? Can we call ourselves God’s elect when the emphasis is put on conforming to our ways instead of God’s ways? Seems like the ballot box was stuffed in that election to me. If all we care about is people looking like us and not introducing people to a love greater than any other love, letting them truly discover a love from the King of Kings, one must wonder….are we really Christians? WWJD?


I am so tired of hearing that Christian rap, or Christian rock, or Christian country is of the devil! Tell me one thing, why would satan glorify God?  Mathew 12:25-26 states, “…..Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand. And if satan cast out satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand” (English Standard  Version)?  This is the word of Jesus Christ telling us that satan will not glorify God, and these artists who perform these forms of music (worship) are glorifying the King of Kings! Please stop hating on them, even if it’s not your cup of tea. Ask yourself this, have you won more people to God than them?


I wish all God’s people would come together and according to Biblical principles and standards, not any interpretations, worship God as his chosen people! Stopping fighting each other over stupid, petty, differences! Just remember, Jesus came into this world to reach the sick and the poor, He sat with sinners! If He uses music to reach those same ones that He sat with, are you going to tell Jesus that He is wrong?!


Come Fly With Me

Come fly with me, to a place where war does not exist. The peace of the Holy Spirit sets in the hearts and mind of everyone. The love of God has overtaken the hate of man, and the entire world worships Him in spirit and in truth. There are no such things as terrorist or any other fight over religion, as God is respected as the only God and is loved as such. Martin Luther’s dream has finally happened! There are no more Travon Martin, or Rodney King stories, as all racism is abolished. There are no black neighborhoods or white neighborhoods or black churches or white churches, we are all God’s children united as one. There is no border patrol. We welcome our Latino brothers and sisters into America, embracing their culture and heritage, learning from each other.

Fly with me to a place where a woman is respected as the life bearing queens that they are, and are honored as such. When the opportunity arises men are honored to give up their seat for a woman, in doing this realizing that if God would have never made a woman, the human race would not exist today. God blessed a woman by creating life through their womb, and gave her to Adam as his only wife, but since then even to this day through the selfishness of polygamy and unfaithfulness we neglect the special love that a woman gives when she truly knows she is loved. Fly me from this place.

Come fly with me to where the elderly are respected, and are allowed to teach their wisdom. They are loved and adored, and not targets to take advantage of. If this place is a thought that I dreamed through the night please don’t wake me, just let me fly there, I wouldn’t want to come back.


As I try to minister to members of the homosexual community, the one thing I hear more than anything else is how “hateful” christians are. They say we hate them and God is full of hate. Their reasons are because they say we attack them because of their “alternative” lifestyle. To those people I want to represent christians whether they want me to or not and say we are sorry. It was never God’s intention for us to hate anyone, regardless of their lifestyle. God loves us like a good parent should and as a good parent he has to tell us that we are wrong sometimes. Christians are supposed to love everybody like we are all brothers and sisters and in doing that, sometimes out of love we need to tell each other when we are wrong. The true hate comes in not telling a loved one when they are wrong.

I don’t know how many times I have heard people say that there are too many hypocrites in church. I have also heard people say when they went to church they were stared at, some even pointed at, and treated like they were the most evil and vile people on earth. Then they get called heathens and sinners when they never return. My question is doesn’t the Bible say “if ANYONE thirsts let him come to me and drink”, and “love one another as I have loved you?” So, by these statutes, isn’t the newcomer following God’s word and the churchgoer really the sinner? We have got to stop judging people and subjecting them to so many rules and regulations that we neglect to show them God’s love. God’s house is not a hangout for the wealthy, it’s a hospital for the sick, and there is only one “Great Physician”!

Why are we so worried about rules and regulations that sometimes we are not following  God’s ways of love?  Is a suit or a dress as important as a soul for God’s kingdom? Is long hair or short hair worth causing someone to walk away from Christ? We try to force humbleness on them, but has our standards filled our heads with pride? To truly be Christ-like is to love unconditionally. Let God change a person. We can and should lead them to Him in love, but not based on so they can follow our rules to fit our idea of what a Christian should be. God’s people come in all kinds of forms, if He didn’t limit His love to a certain look why should we? My pastor is the most loving man I have ever met, and through his leading I will continue to love even my enemies as Jesus loves me. This is not to offend anyone, and I hope it doesn’t, its goal is to affect everyone, and I pray it does.